Frequently Asked Questions

After you purchase a course you will receive an email to set up your account online.


Yes, if you register as a new user you can view the sample course in the course library.


You can begin a course at any time and work through the material whenever it is convenient for your schedule. Once you begin a course, you will have 3 months to view the lectures and complete all assignments for that individual course. You have the freedom to work at your own pace and when it is convenient for you within this time frame.


Each course will offer you 16 separate teachings of 25 minutes each in the form of video streaming classes with supplemental reading selections and valuable student interaction opportunities.


Students are not bound to any order and may pursue courses at their discretion. However, to receive credits toward academic certificates, all course requirements must be met.


You will be able to access each course for three (3) months from the time of your enrollment.


Although the course content is the same, the only way to receive a certificate upon completion of a level is if you enroll in the certified level.


No, they cannot be. The only way to receive a certificate is if you are enrolled in the appropriate "Certificate" learning path.


SMT is currently not accredited. However, our certificate program is recognized by the State of Texas.


In some instances SMT students have had their work recognized, but we cannot guarantee that others will honor our work at this point. Credit transfer is done on a more select basis when the credits come from an unaccredited institution. A good academic record is more likely to receive a favorable review than a poor one. Students wanting to transfer SMT credits to another university should contact the university to which they are applying before taking courses.


The exam link is under each Module on the course menu. The time limit is stated on your exam. Exams consist of a set of multiple-choice and true or false questions. When completed, review your answers and click “submit all and finish.” Your exam grade will be posted on your user report within six (6) hours of taking the exam. If your score is below 70, you should plan to re-take the exam after more study.


The SMT already operates on the basis of groups. When you register you are automatically placed in a group size of 12 users total. If you desire to have an exclusive small group with specified individual users, please make out your inquiries to