The School of Messianic Theology is now closed. See the below FAQ for more information.

What happened to all of the courses?

We have now closed enrollment for our online school, so the website no longer has a catalogue of our available courses.

Is the SMT shutting down? Why?

In light of the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute's transition into becoming the Gateway Center for Israel, it has been decided for the School of Messianic Theology to retire and conclude its operations at the close of 2021.

I purchased a course last year. How long will I have access?

All courses will remain available in your student portal until December 31, 2021. After then, you will no longer have online access and the school websites will no longer exist.

I am a student in the Certificate Program. How long will I be able to access my courses and my certificate?

All of the SMT's operations will conclude at the end of the year, even for our Certificate Program students. If you would like to receive your certificate, you must complete all courses by December 31, 2021.